How to Become a Teacher in India

How to Become a Teacher in India?

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If you have a strong desire for the teaching profession you must need to read this blog post about how to become a teacher in India. Getting into the teaching profession is a very challenging task. Among these are Mathematics, Biology, Physical Education, etc.

How to Become a Teacher in India
How to Become a Teacher in India

Who is the Teacher?

Throughout history, we’ve heard many stories about how teachers have impacted lives. From the ancient guru Dhronacharya who taught a great warrior Arjuna to Pamela Rogers Turner who was a teacher in Samarkand in the early 20th century, we can see that teachers have changed the face of education. They must be able to mentor students so they can find the right path for their education. They can also help students see the results of their hard work and dedication.

Great teachers have the passion and knowledge to teach their students. They are willing to take the risks necessary to educate their students effectively. The goal of education is typically a course of study, a lesson plan, or a practical skill. Teachers want to help students find their passion in life, aspire to educate them, and inspire them to achieve greatness.

In some countries, teachers may even run for elective office. In the United States, teachers have more autonomy. A teacher’s career may vary depending on the subject taught, the grade level taught, and their profession. They may also be responsible for arranging field trips and study halls. They provide guidance, instruction, and support in all areas of their lives, from academics to social activities. 

The teaching field is full of variations as you will find so many different subjects and each subject has different teachers. Some specialize in one subject area while others teach across multiple subjects. Whatever your teacher’s specialty, they must have the passion and dedication to teach children well.

Most teachers work full-time, although there are also part-time and evening classes available. If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, research the requirements and qualifications required before applying.

How to become a teacher in India?

Having a degree from a recognized university and having completed a teacher training program is a basic requirement to apply for a job as a teacher in India. There are several professional teaching courses offered by many private and public colleges in the country. To become a teacher you must have some educational qualifications which we’re discussing in this section.

Required Eligibility

  • Applicants must be graduated with a minimum of 55%.
  • After graduation, you need to enroll in B.ed program (2 years) where you learn so many teaching techniques.
  • After that, you can apply to any school that’s how you can become a teacher.
  • Many teaching courses are available for 12th-class passed students where they can become teachers just after passing 12th class like DIET or JBT. But these courses have some limitations like you can only teach primary students only.
  • After any teaching course, you can apply for CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) entrance exam as this exam is conducted by the ministry of education to evaluate the teacher’s potential. Once you clear this test with good marks you can apply to any government school. You can also say that CTET enhances the chances of getting the best teaching job.
  • Candidates wishing to apply for a lecturer’s post need to complete an advanced degree, such as a Master in Education (M.Ed). The applicants or candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or graduate in any discipline. Applicants must also have a high academic record and good research publications.

Various specializations of teaching

After reading about how to become a teacher in India in above section let’s see their specializations. Various specializations of teaching in India are numerous and varied. Aside from the usual suspects, the country’s education system also features several specialized degrees in the domains of education and technology. Education programs are typically accredited at a regional or national level, and the degree requirements vary. Those seeking to become educators will need to acquire a combination of high-level knowledge, technical skills, and motivation.

Teaching in India is a rewarding and satisfying career with opportunities aplenty, but it is a demanding profession. Many teachers dream of a career where they can devote their energy to a subject matter of their choosing. For this reason, the most successful teachers are those who are highly self-motivated and have a strong work ethic. Several universities across the country offer education programs with varying degrees of prestige. The most popular specializations include secondary education, elementary education, and education technology. 

Job prospects for teachers

So in the above section, we discussed in detail how to become a teacher in India. Let’s have a look at their roles & responsibilities.

  • Having a good command over content, pedagogical strategies, and a caring attitude toward children are the most important teaching skills. Teachers must also be able to hold the attention of young minds and inspire confidence in the students.
  • These include educating rural children and working with youth. In addition to education, teachers may take on extra responsibility such as being a head of the department or a specialist curriculum role. They may also become a mentor for trainees.
  • Working with children is a creative endeavor and rewards people who are passionate about their work.
  • Teachers have a legal responsibility to protect their students. They are also often responsible for student discipline in some education systems. 
  • Apart from this they also coordinate many extracurricular activities. They may also organize school functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any experience required?

Some schools or colleges ask for a few years of experience or some may not. If you’re a fresher and just completing your teacher education and searching for a teaching job you can apply anywhere in a nearby school. Once you get some experience you can use further high-level jobs. 

Is a B.ed degree necessary to become a teacher?

Yes! The candidate must have a B.ed degree with a minimum of 55% marks.

Where to find a teaching job?

These days with the advancement of technology like the internet you don’t need to go anywhere to find teaching jobs. As there are so many job portal websites like Naukri, Shine, etc. where you can upload your resume/ CV and apply for teaching jobs.

Why is the TET exam important?

A TET eligibility test is mandatory for all candidates who wish to apply for a teaching position in a government or private school in India. Besides being a stepping stone to becoming a teacher, the test is also a means to improve education and enhance the quality of teaching in the country.

What will be the minimum percentage for teachers?

According to the UGC, the minimum percentage to become a teacher is 55%. If you have more than this you can get a teaching job in a reputed organization.

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