What is TCS NQT Exam

What is TCS NQT Exam – Eligibility, Benefits, Registration Process

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Looking for a corporate job? For this, you should know what is TCS NQT exam and how it helps in your corporate job search.

What is TCS NQT Exam
What is TCS NQT Exam

With approximately $80 billion of capitalization, TCS becomes one of the top-notch Indian companies in the field of IT services worldwide. Apart from this TCS is among the largest job provider company in India. If we talk about it from the perspective of revenue generation on the global level TCS is the 10th biggest IT service company that generates more revenue and contributes to the nation.

What is TCS NQT Exam?

Every year millions of Indian students register online for the TCS NQT exam to compete with each other to get a job in a reputed firm. Here in this section let’s understand TCS NQT.

TCS NQT (National Qualifier Test) is the most popular test to assess the technical knowledge of the candidate in the field IT sector.

Based on the TCS NQT score candidates get a job in TCS.

The hiring process in TCS NQT is of two kinds – Ninja hiring & Digital fresher hiring. But both have one interview and based on the performance of candidates in the interview they get the post.

Now you definitely get confused between ninja hiring and digital hiring. Don’t worry we got you covered in our next sub-headings.

TCS NQT Eligibility Criteria

  • Any degree of specialization is mandatory for TCS National Qualifier Test.
  • If you are in the final year of your undergraduate or postgraduate or diploma program, you are eligible for registration for the TCS NQT exam.
  • 1-2 years of job experience

Difference between Ninja hiring and Digital fresher hiring?

TCS Digital

  • The hiring process is evaluated by HR and technical interviews.
  • TCS digital has part b having 22 questions from the advanced sections. 
  • The total allotted time is around 90 minutes.
  • The level of the exam is the hardest.
  • The salary is around Rs. 7,00,000 to 7,40,000.

TCS Ninja

  • Candidates from any university in India can apply for TCS ninja.
  • The hiring process is evaluated by HR and technical interviews.
  • TCS ninja has part b having 66 questions from the foundation sections.
  • The total allotted time is around 75 minutes.
  • The level of the exam is medium.
  • The salary is around Rs. 3,36,000 to 3,54,000.

So this is a real opportunity for you to work in one of the most reputed companies in India.

How to register for TCS NQT?

In the above section we saw the TCS NQT eligibility now we need to know about the registration process for TCS NQT. Let’s start guys understanding the detailed registration process of TCS NQT –

Stage 1 First you have to visit the TCS NQT portal and read all the details like eligibility, age, and other relevant criteria to confirm whether you are applicable or not. Once you read all the details and find that you are eligible then move to the next step.

Stage 2 Here you have to register yourself after registration you get your login details like login ID and password. 

Stage 3 In this stage you need to fill out the application form with the help of your login details which you get via email. This is a very crucial step as you have to make sure that you filled all details carefully and click on ‘Apply for drive’ to submit the online application form.

Stage 4 This is the last stage of your TCS NQT registration process in this step you have to check and confirm your application status. For this, you have to click on “Track Your Application” and after entering details your status should reflect as “Applied for Drive”.

Benefits of TCS NQT

There are several benefits you get after clearing the what is TCS NQT exam test which we discuss in this section –

  • Not only Tata this exam opened gateways to many companies like Croma, Godrej, Titan, Kirloskar, and many other corporate firms.
  • TCS NQT score card act as proof that the candidate has all the qualities required for the job posts.
  • It will help candidates to find a lucrative job in a well-reputed company.
  • Candidates get wide exposure after clearing this exam.

So in this above article, we provide every detail regarding what is TCS NQT exam and TCS NQT eligibility. Hope you read well.

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