What Is Smart India Hackathon

What Is Smart India Hackathon 2022

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Want to know what is smart India hackathon? SIH or Smart India Hackathon is an innovative initiative introduced in the year 2017. The main objective of SIH is to provide a student a platform to solve problems that they are facing in their daily life and help them to cultivate a problem-solving mindset.

What Is Smart India Hackathon
What Is Smart India Hackathon

Recently this smart India hackathon 2022 is focused on by Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi via online video conferencing.

This initiative is conducted or organized every year in 2 stages or formats –

  • SIH Software Edition
  • SIH Hardware Edition

This initiative revolves around young minds and develops them intellectually.

Who launched SIH?

SIH is a student-oriented initiative, launched or introduced by the Ministry of Education, AICTE (All India Council For Technical Education).

What are the SIH 2022 Themes?

The theme for the smart India hackathon 2022 is “No problem is too big. No idea is too small”.

This year’s theme reflects that every problem comes with a solution whether it is small or big. It depends on us how we approach any problem or issue.

Top 3 Goals of SIH

It is reported that around 15,000 students as well as mentors participate in the grand finale of SIH 2022. The 3 main goals of the smart India hackathon (SIH) is as follows –

  • Product innovation environment
  • Develop problem-solving skill
  • Cultivate out-of-the-box thinking

These objectives help students to think further beyond the classroom limits.

Smart India Hackathon Problem Statements 2022

This smart India hackathon is organized to address around 476 problem statements. These problems include –

  • OCR of temple translations and inscriptions in scripts of Devanagari.
  • Develop a high-resolution 3D image model of infrastructure, terrain, and road conditions in disaster-prone areas.
  • To create a prototype healthcare app using blockchain code
  • Develop advanced navigation for indoor and outdoor

4 Reasons You Should Join SIH 2022

If your startup or company has any problems like product and innovation related then you should definitely join this smart India hackathon 2022.

Benefits of Enrolled in SIH 2022

  • You will get cost-effective & effective solutions to any of your company’s problems. 
  • This smart hackathon is about youngsters which have time available to resolve your company’s problems in innovative ways by providing out-of-the-box solutions.
  • Your company gets the opportunity to come and work with top talents of the country and innovation movement opportunities.
  • Apart from all this your enterprises or company will get more recognition on an international level. 


This year the government introduced Smart India Hackathon – Junior which aims to develop innovative minds among school students. Above we discussed in detail what is smart India hackathon, hope this helps.

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