What is an Experience Certificate

What is an Experience Certificate – Download Latest Format 2022

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Going to apply for a new job? Don’t know, What is an Experience certificate? Then don’t forget to pack your experience certificate as new employers definitely ask you about this. Confused! Then don’t worry, in this article, we thoroughly explained about experience certificate and also provide you with the way through which you can get your experience certificate.

What is an Experience Certificate
What is an Experience Certificate

What is an Experience Certificate?

An experience certificate is a very crucial document or certificate that is a kind of proof that you worked in that company or organization for the following time period. This is not a mandatory certificate but if your new company asked about it then surely you have to submit it. Don’t worry! You have the complete right to ask about your experience certificate from your previous employers. 

On your experience certificate, the company mentioned the time period you worked in the company or organization. This certificate plays a vital role when applying to other companies after leaving the job.

Information Mentioned On Experience Certificate

There are some basic details mentioned on the Experience certificate which helped the candidate to get the job in another company –

  • Issued date
  • Employee’s Full Name
  • Post or Designation
  • Time period, For example, Suppose you joined the company in October 2019 and left in April 2022, then both of these dates – Joining and Leaving date will be mentioned on your Experience certificate.
  • Job work details like your roles and responsibilities in that company.
  • In experience certificate, companies also wish their employee their future upcoming opportunities.
  • In last, the certificate is duly attested by the company with its proper seal and signature.

What Are The Use of Experience Certificates?

An experience certificate is a vital certificate like other educational certificates. With the help of these certificates, new companies’ employers judge the candidate’s working potential and authenticity. So if you are going to apply for a new job don’t forget to get your Experience certificate from the previous company or organization. In the above sections, we already explained what is an experience certificate? So check the above sections and read that.

Experience Certificates Main Details

There are some details which should be written on that certificate –

  • The certificate language is totally formal as well as polite in tone.
  • Declaration or Salutation must be mentioned on the certificate.
  • The certificate should be signed or attested by the Human Resource (HR) department.

Difference Between Experience Certificate And Recommendation Letter

Experience CertificateRecommendation Letter
It is issued for the purpose of providing a brief description of the employee’s job work in the previous company or the organization.A recommendation letter is one kind of reference document which depicts that the candidate is fully suitable for that job and worked well.
It is issued by the company HR head or department.It is written by company heads like managers, team leaders, etc. to refer to employees.
It is required or mandatory when applying for new jobs.It is not mandatory when applying for any job. But act as a “cherry on the top” when applying for new jobs.

Download Experience Certificate Format or Template

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who issued an experience certificate?

The experience certificate is mostly signed and authorized by the company’s head or mostly by the HR department.

Are recommendation letters and experience certificates both the same?

No! Both have a few differences. Experience certificate depicts employee job work experience. On the other hand, recommendation letters will be issued for referring candidates.

Are the Experience certificate and Relieving letter are same or different?

No! They both are different. Experience letter or certificate is about your work experience and relieving letter is all about candidates’ behavior and proves that candidates properly and responsibly completed all the required responsibilities during their duty hours.

Is an Experience certificate mandatory to submit to a new company?

No! There is no law that says that it is mandatory. Basically, it depends on the new company. If they ask about the experience certificate then you have to submit it. But it does not require any background verifications.

Can I join another company without an experience certificate?

If your new company strictly asked about an experience certificate then No! Without submitting an experience certificate, you can’t join them. So first try to get your experience certificate then apply anywhere you want.

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