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How To Make Money As Video Creator?

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Have you ever considered starting a small-scale business like a video creator in your free time to increase your income? Did you realize that videos can earn you money? Many of them are. There are countless numbers of ways that creators have discovered to not only make a part-time living from the video but also to launch massively lucrative full-time businesses. So you are in right place.

Video Creator
Video Creator

In this article, we described so many ways to make money as a video maker. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to make money from your videos in a number of different ways. A creator is someone who creates and publishes videos on the internet. They can be freelance professionals or small business owners who create videos as a way to market their products or service. Not only the new videos but they are also involved in editing the videos. 

7 Most Effective Ways To Make Money As Video Creator

To make money as a video maker is not an easy-going process as it needs lots of effort and hard work. The following are 7 of the most well-known ways:

#1 Make money from subscription services

Some creators offer subscription services, which give their viewers access to new content each week or month. This can be an effective way to monetize your audience if you’re able to generate enough revenue from the subscriptions. Any customers or visitors purchase your video or channel subscription service only when they find any useful content on your channel. So for this, you first establish your channel and build credibility among customers. so that they can believe your image and buy your membership administration.

Earning Potential – There is no specific amount as you can charge any optimum amount for the premium content you are offering.

#2 Generate income from sponsored content

Sponsored content is when a brand pays a video creator (usually on a commission basis) to create and publish specific videos about their product or service. This is an increasingly popular way for video creators to make money, as it’s relatively easy to find sponsors willing to pay for high-quality content.

Earning Potential – If you are fresher then you can charge $10 to $25. For experienced creators, the amount will be $20 to $45.

#3 Earn by uploading videos on YouTube

Yes, this is the most lucrative way to earn money as a creator by creating videos for YouTube. These days nearly everybody has their own youtube channel. So if you are hugely passionate about creating videos, then by posting them on youtube, you can earn a good amount of money. 

You can start your youtube journey by following these steps –

  • Create a youtube channel.
  • Consistently upload videos to get more views and subscribers.

If you cross the youtube policy threshold limit, you will be able to post ads and affiliate as well as sponsored links. This will build your revenue system and generate more income. Apart from ad income, you will also generate more revenue by affiliate marketing on your youtube channel. For this, you need to post an affiliate product link in your youtube video description box and promote this in your youtube video, so that subscribers can know about the products.

How Can I Monetize My Video?

There are a number of ways to monetize your video content. You can sell advertising space, generate affiliate sales (where you earn a commission on sales generated by viewers who have been referred by you), or charge for access to premium content (such as behind-the-scenes footage or exclusive interviews).

Earning Potential – $500 to $1000 per month or more.

#4 Provide video creating service to the customer

If you are good at video creating, then you can also generate a good amount of money by providing video-creating services to others. Many big brands or companies need a creator to create videos that describe or promote their companies and in return, they pay you good cash. If you are not comfortable with a regular job as a creator, then you can also work as a freelancer. There are so many outsourcing platforms where you can find so many outsourcing gigs. This kind of freelancing work gives you flexibility, which means you create videos whenever you have time. The freelance video creator is a  job where video maker provides paid professional video creating services to their clients. 

Earning Potential – $10 to $25 or $20 to $45.

#5 Sell your video lessons with your expertise

Indeed, this is the most authentic method to earn a good amount of money as a video maker. How-to, as well as tutorial session videos, assist your customers in learning more about a topic they are passionate about as well as solving problems. For example, If you are good at Psychology, then you can make videos on Psychology subjects or any topic of it. There are many students who need someone to solve their doubts, so if your videos solve or highlight students’ doubts then they definitely purchase your video session to learn more about Psychology.

Earning Potential – $100 to $700 per month.

#6 Become a marketer on TikTok/ Instagram/ ShareChat

Nowadays many companies promote their product on many different platforms like TikTok/ Instagram/ ShareChat. TikTok is one of them. These companies need marketers for these specific platforms to promote their companies or products or any services they launched. As a marketer, you just need to create a short video of optimum size and post it on TikTok from the company TikTok page. Always remember that the video should be crisp, engaging, and clearly describe the company’s product or services.

Instagram is another most usable platform among marketers and the most lucrative platform for generating leads and sales. Many big enterprises or firms need an Instagram marketer, who’s good at creating short reel videos about company services.

The last and most rare usable platform is ShareChat. This platform is mainly famous for its unique and different content-sharing strategy. You can share medium-sized videos to promote company products or services.

Earning Potential – $10 to $30 per day.

#7 By selling your stock videos

Indeed! That is the most straightforward method for earning money as a creator. Here we are discussing the 5 best practices for selling your stock videos –

  • Develop a good product 

It’s important that you create high-quality stock videos that will interest potential buyers. Try to make good quality and engaging videos that can easily interact with the users.

  • Promote and advertise your videos

This is quite possibly the main stride in selling your stock video. Make sure you put plenty of advertising resources into your videos, including headline tags, thumbnails, and descriptions. 

  • Make sure your videos are well-made 

It’s important that your videos look professional and polished. Make sure all audio and video elements are in place, and that the overall presentation is attractive.

  • Keep track of your earnings

It’s important to track how much money you’re making from selling your stock videos so that you can make the most of your investment. This will assist you with deciding if proceeding to sell these recordings is worth the effort or not.

  • Be persistent in selling your stock videos

Don’t give up easily – if someone doesn’t buy a video right away, don’t be discouraged! There may be a good reason why they aren’t interested in buying it – perhaps they don’t have the right platform or audience for it yet – so keep trying until you find a buyer who is interested in what you have to offer.

Earning Potential – $10 to $30 per stock video.

What Is The Average Income For Video Creators?

According to Supersonic, the average income for creators is $2,500 per month.  This figure is likely to vary depending on your level of experience, audience size, and video format. 

Which Methods Are Best For Me?

It ultimately depends on your video format and audience. If you’re producing videos about products that can be sold through advertising, then advertising may be the best way to monetize them. However, if your videos are more personal or subjective in nature, then affiliate marketing or charging for premium content may be more appropriate.

If you’re thinking of starting out as a video creator, then it’s worth taking the time to learn about the different methods of monetization and how to best use them. With a bit of effort, you could easily start generating income from your videos.


Last but not the least, you can also ask your viewers to donate you some amount as a service charge for watching your videos. You can ask your viewers for donations directly after they watch your videos, or you can offer donations as a part of your sponsorship deals. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve shown you how to make money as a video creator or video maker. 

Are there any methods that we didn’t include that you think should be included? Let us know in the comments!

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