How Hard Is It To Get A Scholarship In Singapore

How Hard Is It To Get A Scholarship In Singapore in 2022

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Would you like to study in Singapore? How Hard Is It To Get A Scholarship In Singapore? To grab a Singapore scholarship is not easy going process, but we explain every process you need to follow to get that scholarship.

How Hard Is It To Get A Scholarship In Singapore
How Hard Is It To Get A Scholarship In Singapore

Everyone has a dream to study abroad at a Singapore university. However, numerous hopefuls don’t have the foggiest idea of how to get a grant in Singapore. But don’t worry, in this article, you will get all the information regarding the Singapore scholarship.

How to Get a Scholarship at Singapore University

If you want to know the process for obtaining the scholarship at Singapore university, you’ll be required to apply by the deadline. 

The majority of scholarships have strict criteria that require the applicants to show excellence in their academics. However, if you are hoping to be considered for an award, you need to know that you need to maintain a high GPA. 

The majority of applicants understand that they have to demonstrate dedication to their studies bypassing certain tests. All in all, assuming that you’re a phenomenal understudy or a bright student, you have an astounding possibility of winning an honor or scholarship.

If you’ve earned a great GPA and have a stellar track record, consider making an application for a grant to Singapore university. 

The university provides a variety of scholarships, which include full and mid-term ones. 

Although MOHH scholarships are specifically for students working in the health field They cover a wide range of fields. 

Other organizations, like CAAS, have scholarship programs that are beneficial for students. For instance, CAAS’ National Health and Medical Research Council provide many interesting scholarship opportunities to those who are looking to pursue a doctoral program in medical sciences or in other areas.

To be eligible for a scholarship at Singapore universities, students have to do research in the university. Additionally, you should possess a solid understanding of Mandarin since this is a requirement of the university. 

Selection process

The process of selection for the Singapore scholarship will consider your ability to research and your academic performance. If you can meet all of the requirements, you’ll be qualified to apply for a Singapore college scholarship. 

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There is an assortment of strategies to acquire a scholarship from Singapore. It’s not an easy process however, it is feasible to obtain one.

Once you’ve got a decent knowledge of Mandarin Once you have the ability to speak Mandarin, you can apply for a Singapore scholarship. It is crucial to remember that the majority of the scholarships offered are highly competitive and you’ll need to be able to prove your status as a Singaporean or a permanent resident in order to be considered. 

Ensure you present your application on schedule, as the contest is wild. If you are accepted, you will be able to avail yourself of the chance to pursue a degree in Singapore.

As well as making an application for scholarships to Singapore it is also advisable to check out the scholarship program at the university. 

You could apply for the SUSS Scholarship by finishing up the web-based/online application structure. You will then have to wait until mid-May to learn if you’ve been chosen or not. 

The decision is binding on both sides. This is a fantastic option to earn an award of a scholarship in Singapore.

Scholarships in Singapore are an excellent option to pay for your education. 

There are many merit-based scholarships and some are offered only to those who have financial needs. There is an application deadline each year for the scholarship and a continuous deadline is better. There are also other scholarships available for students from abroad located in Singapore that are dependent on the country of origin. 

These kinds of scholarships may not be the ideal choice for all students however they’re worth considering!

It is recommended to consider applying for a scholarship to Singapore university if you are in the first year of your studies and are contemplating getting an undergraduate degree. It is essential to note that many scholarships are based on merit and some are offered to students who have financial hardship. 

It is vital to go through the Terms and Conditions cautiously before applying for an honor. If you’re applying for the scholarship program in Singapore it is important to make certain to go through the T&C documents carefully.

The deadline to apply for a scholarship at Singapore university is contingent on the kind of scholarship you’re applying for. 

If you’re a Singaporean applicant, you may apply for a scholarship that will cover the costs of your bachelor’s degree. If you’re from a different country You can submit a request for a grant that will cover your tuition and costs of living at the university. 

Some scholarships even cover your hostel expenses. They may be used in conjunction with other financial aid programs to aid you in paying for your education.

Apart from the government-sponsored scholarships, you may also apply for a government-sponsored scholarship. 

The deadline to apply for an award in Singapore usually is several months prior to the beginning of your course. 

A few grants or scholarships are extremely competitive and are shut a year before the start of the program. If you want to apply for an award from the government it is necessary to be a Singaporean male.

It is important to be an inhabitant of Singapore to be qualified for an honor.

List of Singapore Scholarship

SINGA (Singapore International Graduate Award) Scholarship

  • Eligibility – This scholarship will be provided to students, who want to pursue Ph.D. from Singapore university.
  • Stipend amount – SGD 2000 – SGD 2500 per month

Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarships

  • Eligibility – For Ph.D. students
  • Stipend amount – SGD 3300 per month

ADB – Japan Scholarship for Developing Countries

  • For higher studies like master’s degree program or Ph.D. program
  • Eligibility – Must have a bachelor’s degree
  • Stipend amount – This scholarship or stipend generally covers insurance, tuition fees, living allowance, and travel-related expenditures.

ASEAN Foundation Scholarships

  • Eligibility – The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in medical sciences or pharmacy discipline.
  • Stipend – It covers many expenses like tuition fees, monthly allowance, health insurance, VISA fees, academic fees, etc.

Commonwealth Scholarship for Integrated Science

  • Eligibility – If you want to apply for a Master’s degree, then you must have a bachelor’s degree. And if you want to apply for a Ph.D. program, then a Master’s degree is required as a qualified degree.
  • Stipend or scholarship – It covers approx. travel expenditure, tuition fees, and also manage other important expenditures.

SIA Youth Scholarship

  • Eligibility – SIA scholarship is mostly provided to the students belonging to ASEAN nations.
  • Stipend amount – The SIA Youth Scholarship mostly covers approx. travel expenditure, tuition fees, and also manage other important expenditures.

GIIS Singapore Global Citizen Scholarship

  • Eligibility – If you are looking for senior secondary or higher secondary studies in Singapore, then you can apply for this scholarship.
  • Stipend amount – The amount provided during this scholarship is around SGD 90,000 for each student.

Wrapping up

Life is not fair for everyone. Be that as it may, if you need to succeed, then you should need to continue onward. Studying with consistency and a positive attitude will help you to grow ahead. This article about “how hard is it to get a scholarship in Singapore”, will help you to guide or mentor you during your abroad study plan.


Does Singapore offer scholarships for international students?

Yes, they offer 950+ scholarships to international students.

Which is the best scholarship to study in Singapore?

About scholarships, we described in detail in the above article.

What is the maximum age limit for scholarships in NTU Singapore?

As there is no age limit for getting scholarships at NTU Singapore. Any student from any country can easily apply for the Singapore scholarship program. One more thing, candidates don’t have to pay any application fee for any government-funded Singapore scholarship program.

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