How To Become a Podcast Editor

How To Become a Podcast Editor in 2022

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Want to make a career in Podcast? Then podcast editor job is for you. But How To Become a Podcast Editor? Podcast editing is now becoming a famed job among candidates.

How To Become a Podcast Editor
How To Become a Podcast Editor

Every company needs podcast editors to optimize their podcasting audio files so that their podcasts are audible to the users. The whole post will show you how to do just that in a stage process manner.

Who is the Podcast editor?

Podcasting is an emerging career option these days. Many students are thinking of opting for a career as a podcast editor. Podcast editor is a job where a candidate needs to record and edit the recorded audio files to create a podcast. You can do this job as a regular employee or as a freelancer. There are numerous freelancing platforms where you may simply obtain a job as a Podcast editor.

Podcast editor job responsibility

Podcast editor has many roles – 

  • To record podcast audio.
  • To manage podcast audio files.
  • To edit audio files and make them clearly audible for the user..
  • To add or remove unwanted sound from the audio files.
  • Blending different audio tracks

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To work as a podcast editor, you’ll need the following skills

Several skills are mandatory to become a podcast editor –

  • Candidates must have spanking communication skills.
  • Proficient in using audio podcast software.
  • Good knowledge of sounds and different audio tracks.
  • Expert in creating background sound & Noise reduction.
  • Must have a good sense of sound mixing.

What software is required to do podcast editing?

To become a podcast editor, you should be proficient in using podcast audio editing software or podcast recording software. These software will help you in your journey about How to become a podcast editor?

Top 10 software to start a podcast 


Audacity is the best software to produce effective podcasts. This software is open-source software. This software is built with many awesome features through which anyone can create and produce quality podcasts. 

Price – Free of cost

Website –

Adobe Audition

If you are a professional podcaster then this tool software is only for you. This tool software will give you full control over your recording and editing of each recorded podcast. This tool has many cromlech features like noise reduction, compression or multitrack recording, etc. 

Price – if you want this Software, then try their 7-day free trial. During this time, if you feel it useful then purchase their monthly premium version for $20.

Website –


If you’re a novice podcaster, then Squadcast recording software is only for you. With their easy-to-use features, anyone can become a pro in podcasting. One more feature of this amazing software is that this software keeps all your recorded podcasts in one place, which means, you can use these anytime.

Price – This software has a monthly plan as well as an hourly plan. By using an hourly plan, you can check the software efficiency according to your work. If you don’t like this software, you can change it.

Website –

Hindenburg Journalist

If you want more reliable podcast recording software, then you should go with Hindenburg journalist podcast software. This software comes with multiple features like multitrack editing and recording. With this mind-blowing podcast recorder, you can easily publish your podcast episode from anywhere even without using any hardware device. When compared to other audio applications, its noise reduction tool is incredibly potent.

Price – This software comes in two pricing options – Hindenburg Journalist for $95 and Hindenburg Journalist for $375.


Auphonic is software with AI post-production capability. Their easy-to-use format will give you the next level of experience in your podcasting journey. When you upload your audio files The AI generator of this tool will automatically identify the audio and make it optimized and clean.

Price – $11 per month

Website –


Buzzsprout is facile to use software to start podcasting. This buzzsprout host will make live your podcast. With the help of buzzsprout, you can track and promote your podcast. The greatest feature is that their official website has a tonne of lessons as well as for instructions. By using those resources you can learn this software and start your podcast.

Price – The software pricing is different, basically it depends on the hourly basis. In monthly plans, you can find various plans like $12 for 3 hours, $18 for 6 hours, and $24 for 12 hours.

Website –


If you feel any difficulty in editing a podcast then you should definitely go with Alitu. This software tool will help you to edit and properly mix the podcast and make it optimized for the listeners. This tool can also remove unwanted noise from your recorded podcast.

Price – By using their 7-day free trial option, you can check this tool’s efficiency. If you found it useful, then you can purchase the premium version on a monthly or yearly basis. 

Monthly version price – $28

Yearly version price – $280

Website –

Logic pro x

If you are an Apple user and searching for software, then Logic Pro X is best suited for podcast recording software for you. This software is specially made for professional musicians to edit their audio recordings. It also works with a variety of additional plugins to enhance the quality of podcasts. 

Price –  The software is free for 90 days on their trial-based version. But after that, you need to purchase this at the cost of $199.99 (one-time cost).

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Reaper is a highly advanced podcasting recording software. The software is well-efficient in doing tasks like editing, completing the recording, and blending the sound. In this software tool, you can find dozens of features like various audio tracks, recording formats, that help you to create a masterpiece of recording.

Price – $60 (1-time payment)

Website –

Garage Band

This is free podcast editing software that comes with advanced Mac computers. The software is in-built with approx. 255 editable audio tracks. You can edit them like a copy, cut, and compression.

Price – Free

How much do podcast editors make?

If we talk about podcast editor payouts, then it will be varied on an hourly, monthly and yearly basis.

Podcast editor salary – Yearly basis

  • Highest – $100,000 to $120,500
  • Average – $55,000
  • Lowest – $25,000 to $33,500 

Podcast editor salary – Monthly-wise

  • Highest – $7,000 to $10,500
  • Average – $4,651 to $5,791
  • Lowest – $1,100 to $2,791 

Podcast editor salary – hour basis

  • Highest – $50 to $52
  • Average – $25 to $30
  • Lowest – $15 to $20

Sum up

Creating and editing any audio files is not an easy-going process. The above information regarding How to become a podcast editor will give you a detailed insight into your podcast editor career. It takes more creativity and sound knowledge. But on the other hand, these days podcast editing is low competition – a high demanding career option. 


How do I get a job as a podcast editor?

You can check various job portals for the latest podcast editor jobs. In spite of this, there are some reputed freelancing websites, where you can find tons of podcast editor job work.

What do podcast editors do?

Podcast editor has various responsibilities like recording audio, editing audio files, adding or removing background music, sound mixing.

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