Anthropology Jobs Salary in India

Anthropology Jobs Salary in India: What are the Salaries of Anthropologists in India?

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These days anthropology jobs salary in India, are famous among youths. Government offers INR 20,000 per month. Nowadays it becomes a high-demand career option among youths.

Anthropology Jobs Salary in India
Anthropology Jobs Salary in India

Today in this blog post, we will give you detailed information about salaries in anthropology jobs. So that candidates can find the correct information on Anthropology salaries. If you are interested in anthropology career options, then this post helps to find relevant job information. 

Meaning of Anthropology

The anthropology discipline deals with the study of humans and their evolutionary relationships like their existence, beliefs, and developments. With the help of new technologies, anthropologists explore more about deep like species habitat details, their gene sequence analysis to find out ascendants and descendants. Candidates who study and implement anthropological techniques to identify evolutionary relationships are known as Anthropologists. 

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Anthropology Jobs Salary in India

India is the fastest-growing economy. Every day new startups emerge to impact the Indian economy. As a result, the vast variety is found in salaries of different fields like Anthropology, etc.

  • The highest salary in Anthropology job – 67,000 per month
  • The average salary in Anthropology job – 42,000 per month
  • Lowest salary or payout in Anthropology job – 23,400 per month

The above salary figures are not fixed, they may be changed according to the organization and their location. Some governmental organizations offer Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month along with some grade pay. 

Anthropology Survey of India (ASI) offers a salary of Rs.5,200-20,200/- per month with fixed grade pay (GP) of Rs. 2,400/-.

According to some research and surveys, the anthropologist’s average salary ranges around Rs. 7-10 LPA (Lakhs Per Annum) means [Rs. 7,45,812 annually] approximately. 

And if we talk about salary on an hourly basis, then it will be Rs. 300-700 per hour, which means [Rs.359/hour].


What is the average pay of an Anthropologist in India?

The average salary for the post of Anthropologist is from Rs.5,39,410/- to Rs.9,36,263/-. It may vary, but these are some close figures.

Who is the famous anthropologist in India?

Arjun Appadurai is the most famous anthropologist. His detailed biography is written in 19 languages. 

Father of Anthropology in India? 

Sarat Chandra Roy

What can I do after doing MSC in social anthropology and MPHIL in sociology? What and where are job prospects?

After completing MSC in social anthropology and MPHIL in sociology, you have the tremendous scope and lucrative career options. 
Scope of MSC in social anthropology – You can become a Social worker, Museum curator, Ethnographer, Humanitarian officer, Management consultant, and Anthropology teacher.
Scope of MPHIL in sociology – You can become Sociologist, Management trainee, Content developer, IAS, Social worker, Sociology teacher, and PR manager.

I got MA and MPhil degrees in anthropology from Indian universities. Do they valid in Ireland in searching for jobs?

Yes, Your Indian MA and MPhil degrees in anthropology are valid in Ireland. You just have to make sure that you are applying for a job categorized under the skills shortage list.

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