Anthropology Jobs In India

Anthropology Jobs In India – Roles, Salary and Scope in 2022

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Anthropology Jobs In India: Anthropology is a very demanding career option these days as most of the students want to be anthropologists. Even in many competitive exams, 70% of students opt for anthropology as an additional or optional subject.

Anthropology Jobs In India
Anthropology Jobs In India

Today in this article, we are going to discuss the anthropology job description, salary, Eligibility, and scope of anthropology as a career option. 

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is the study where we learn about humanity and its origin, its evolutionary relationships, and about all diversification among species. The main objective of anthropology is understanding species in every way like what is the origin of that species, how it is distinct from others. In anthropology, you can learn about humans and other species’ behavior and how they are different from other species. We compare and analyze all species and reach the concluded description.

Anthropology Jobs In India Description

In anthropology, there are many kinds of job openings available. As an Anthropologist, you can work in museums, universities or government sector, or private sector areas. You can choose any of job position according to your interest and make a fruitful career in anthropology-

Work as a Scientist – You can become a scientist after completing studies in anthropology. Many research departments of government or private sector organizations need scientists for various research projects.

Field investigator job post – You can also become a field investigator officer in anthropology. They observe and explore different locations and start research to identify all the information related to natural events. The vital role of a field investigator is collecting information.

Work as an Anthropologist – Anthropologists play a vital role in studying all evolutionary relationships between organisms like the origin of species, their physical appearance, social behavior, and more.

Work as a Teacher/ or Professor – If you like teaching then you can also become an anthropology teacher or professor. To become a teacher, you must have to do higher studies in anthropology like a master’s degree or Doctorate degree.

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Essential Qualification

The candidate must have done their 10+2/ 12th or Intermediate with Science stream or Art stream because anthropology is a subject of both art and science. Then they need to opt Bachelor’s degree program in Anthropology. The minimum percentage marks required for admission to a bachelor’s degree is 55% in 10+2/ Intermediate. But if you score more than 55%, then it will help you to take admission to a top-ranked college or University.

If you want to study anthropology in detail then you can apply for any Master’s degree program in Anthropology. This will help you to gain in-depth knowledge of Anthropology.

If you want to do higher studies in anthropology, then you can do a Ph.D. program in anthropology and become a professor or scientist in any research organization.

How much can you earn as an Anthropologist?

Generally, the salary of an Anthropologist is Rs. 3,33,000 to Rs. 4,33,000/- yearly.

The salary or pay scale in anthropology may vary from post to post. But yes, you can earn a good amount of money in the field of anthropology. 

The salary of an Anthropology professor in India is Rs. 6,12,020/- per annum. And in the United States (US), the salary is approx. $92,488 per year.

The salary of a field investigator in Anthropology is Rs. 22000/- per month or more or $315 per month in the US.

  • Salary in India Rs. 6,12,020/- per annum
  • Salary in the US $92,488 per year

Important Note: Above salary figures are not fixed, it varies from time to time for different anthropologist posts in different organizations or research centers.

What is the Scope/ Future of Anthropology?

These days, the demand for anthropology jobs is increasing due to this covid-19 pandemic. Many students want to make a career in research and exploring areas about humanistic and scientific studies related to human evolution and other species. In museums, there are many vacant posts for anthropologists. You can visit museums’ official websites and apply for those jobs.

Sum up

Finally, we discussed anthropology jobs in India in detail. If you want to make a career in anthropology, then this article will be definitely useful for you. And you will get the detailed information regarding “How to make a career in anthropology?”

In case of any confusion or doubt, you can ask us anytime.

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What is Anthropology?

Anthropology is a subject where we study origin, diversification, and evolutionary relationships among species.

What is the expected salary of anthropologists?

The expected monthly salary is Rs. 22000/- per month.
Expected yearly salary is Rs. 6,12,020/- per annum

How to become an Anthropology professor?

The applicant must be a Postgraduate or Master’s degree in Anthropology and Ph.D. doctoral in anthropology to become a professor at the University.

What are the four categories of Anthropology?

There are 4 categories or subfields of anthropology-
Biological Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology

What kinds of companies recruit anthropologists?

There are few companies or organizations that recruit anthropologists.

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