National Science Day 2022 Theme

National Science Day 2022 Theme, History and Celebration

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National Science Day 2022 Theme: We live in an era that evolves every second with the new technologies of science. Science always comes with new technology to impact our lives.

National Science Day 2022 Theme
National Science Day 2022

Our eminent scientists discovered many new things that changed our lives in a positive sense. Each year, National Science Day is observed to honor our researchers for their contributions to the emergence of new technologies.


National Science Day is celebrated in the memory of Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman and his precious discovery. In 1928, he created the Raman peculiarity. In 1930, he was granted the Nobel Prize for his disclosures. NCSTC as well as the Government of India (GOI) have reported February 28th as National Science Day to celebrate this memorable event.

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National Science Day 2022 Theme

“Integrated approach in science and technology (S&T) for a sustainable future” is the subject/ theme of this year’s national science day. This theme depicts the current scenario.

Celebration of National Science Day

Every classroom, university, and organization commemorates this day. On this occasion many e eminent scientists and researchers deliver speeches representing their recent discoveries in sciences, discussion on podcast, science exhibitions, quizzes, represent various science models and demonstrate live science inventions. 

Sum up

By celebrating national science day, we remind Sir C. V. Raman and their achievements. He is the principal individual from India to get a Nobel prize in the Science field. He is still an inspiration for every science enthusiast. 


What exactly is the Raman effect? 

The Raman effect is the splitting or scattering of photons by an element for a matter which results in transfer or exchange of energy which leads to directional change in light.

What might be the subject/ theme of the year 1999 National Science Day?

Theme – Our Changing Earth

How often does India’s national science day fall? 

28 February

What is the National Science Day 2022 Theme exactly? 

2022 year theme – Integrated approach in science and technology (S&T) for a sustainable future.

Who is CV Raman?

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (CV Raman), is a physicist, who works in the field of light scattering. For his endeavors, he was likewise granted the Nobel Prize. Everyone Indian still seems to be appreciative of that time.

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