How to write a Job Application

How to write a Job Application? | Letter Writing Tips

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How to write a Job Application

How to write a Job Application
How to write a Job Application

How to write a Job Application: In this article, I am going to tell you about “How to write a Job Application.” Let’s understand about Job Application.

Job Application

A job application is a letter that gives information to an employer or HR About your interest in that job. Job application sometimes also known as the Cover letter. You need to send this letter to the employer along with your resume or CV. 

Types of Job Application

These job application letters are of various types like Sales applications, Assistant application, Data Entry Operator applications, Research Assistant applications, Chemistry teacher applications, Accounts applications or many more. And for each type, you need to write relevant things, so that Employer can understand you better. And call you for an interview. 

For Sales Jobs, You need to write some about your speaking skills like English Speaking. So that Company head or Employer finds your suitability for that job. You can improve your English Speaking Skill by Click here.

For an Assistant Job, You need to explain your managing skills. So that, they understand you better.

For Data Entry Operator, You need to write about your technical qualification like about computer knowledge. Typing speed, knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel is required for Data Entry Jobs.

When writing any job application, you need to write the address on the left side of the Job application letter. Some say that the address is written on the right side, but the correct way is to write the address on the left side.

Now here we start discussing “How to Write a Job application or Cover letter?”

How to write a Job Application

Job application letter body is divided in 6 parts, Let’s discuss each of them –

Part 1 Self Address

In this part, you have to write your address, contact details like phone number, email id etc. Whatever the contact info you have. Just write it here, So that Employer can easily contact you.

Part 2 Write Date

After writing your address, gap one line and add Date of  writing application. You can write Date in any format.

For example – April 14, 2021or 14-04-2021or 14 April 2021

But I personally use first one date format – April 14, 2021

Part 3 Write Company Address

After writing Date, again gap one line and add Company Address, Where you want to give your interview.

Part 4 Subject & Salutation

Here, you have to write about the Subject of your letter. I mean just write the name of that job you want to apply for.

In the Salutation Part, you can use Sir/ Madam or Sir/ Ma’am or Dear Mr./ Mrs. or Respected Sir/ Respected Ma’am.

Part 5 Main Body of the Letter

This is the main body of your letter, So write it attractively. So, that the HR or Company Owner can Call you for the interview.

You have written about Your Educational Qualification, Where you see that Job Posting and Experience etc.

Don’t write about any Experience, If you are a Fresher.

Part 6 End Part

This is the end of the letter, you have to use some official words like Yours. Sincerely, Yours. Faithfully etc.

Don’t use informal words like Your. Affectionately, Your. Lovingly etc.

Be Professional, When applying for any Job. Don’t do any kind of irrelevant talk in front of the interviewer. You also read these 14 Golden tips to improve your Interview session with the interviewer.

Importance of Job Application

How to write a Job Application: Now, here we discuss about the Importance of Job Application letter.

  • By sending Job application along with a CV or Resume, you can create a good impact on the Employer.
  • With the help of a Job Application, You can easily explain your Qualification & Experience to the Employer.
  • There is some information, you can’t add in CV or Resume. So, you need a Job Application or Cover letter to write that information like your quality, your efficiency, your achievements, your positive attitude, etc.
  • You can also say that Job application actually summarizes all the academic qualities required for the job.

FAQ‘s – How to write a Job Application

What is a Job Application?

Job Application is a letter, where you are applying for the recent Job Posting. In a Job Application, you need to explain about your Qualification, Experience etc. So, that the Company owner or HR can understand you better.

On which side does certain address is written while drafting job application letter?

While writing any job application, you need to write the address on the left side of the letter. You can check and download the above Various Job application formats and Check yourself. Some say that the address is written on the right side, but the correct way is to write the address on the left side.

Where to download Job Application formats?

You can download various Job Application formats from Our Website for free of cost.

Drafting job application letter, address written on which side?

The address information written on the left side of the letter. You can yourself all above given various job application formats.

Where to download Resumes or CV formats for free of cost?

You can easily download different types of Resume formats or CV from Our website for free of cost.

What is the difference between Job Application and Cover Letters?

Both are the same, Job Application also known as Cover Letter. So, Don’t be confused with the different Names.

What is the importance of Job Application or Cover Letters?

Job Application or Cover Letter help you to explain your Qualification and Experience. So that when employers read, they can understand better. 


How to write a Job Application: So today We talked about How to write a Job Application in our article. Hope this article will help you to write a good & attractive Job application or Cover letter for recent jobs.

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