FAQ related to Education

FAQ related to Education (19-04-2021)

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FAQ related to Education

FAQ related to Education
FAQ related to Education

FAQ related to Education: In this article today we are going to discussing about some Frequently Asked Questions related to Education.

Sources of Online Education | online education ke source kya h

Nowadays, when everything is done Online, You don’t need to go anywhere to attend classes. You just need to sit at home and attend class online on your mobile phone or your tab or laptop. For this, you need a good internet connection. 

There are various sources of online education, where you can study anything from anywhere.

There are various online Educational websites, Educational youtube channels, you can join them and learn any of the textbook concepts in detail.

For example – Amazon’s Academy, Byju’s, Vedantu, Biology discussion, Udemy or many more. You can use these Platforms and complete coaching for your entrance exams or school exams like IITJEE, MBBS or many more. You can also learn any new skill/ course and increase your chances to get a good job.

If you want direct answers, then type your question on the youtube search box, you will get your answer in video form.

You can also contact your school/ college teachers for any doubt regarding your education.

Social media platforms now a days a good source of Online Education, if you use them wisely.

Am I eligible for GATE while completed my Btech education from distance course?

No, In technical courses especially like B.Tech courses, distance education does consider. Even Btech from distance education is considered an invalid degree and this is approved by the Supreme court (SC) and AICTE. You need to check all the related guidelines for GATE Exam before filling the Application form.

But you don’t need to be disappointed because there are so many other options you can work on.

After four years of BTECH can I get job without any other higher education ?

Yes, you can easily get a job after four years of a BTECH degree. You don’t need to do any other higher education. These days every second, new technology is invented which opens up new dimensions for Engineer graduates. You just need to find a job related to your BTECH discipline.

You can do one thing to get a job, just make a list of companies having Engineering jobs and then mail them your resume along with a cover letter. Or it’s better if you go directly to that company and ask for any job opening. But you need to learn some basic skills like fluent English because many MNC companies require fluent English along with a BTECH degree or diploma.

how many shiksha vikas sambhag in odisha ?

There are total nine shiksha vikas sambhag in odisha under Shiksha Vikas Samiti, Odisha – Purba Sambhag, Paschima Sambhag, Uttar Sambhag, Daskhina Sambhag, Uttar-Purba Sambhag, Daskhina-Purba Sambhag, Purvottar Sambhag, Daskhina-Paschim Sambhag, Madhya Sambhag.

You can click here to view more.

Ddpi full form in education department

DDPI” full form is “Deputy Director of Public Instruction.”

The role and responsibility of Deputy Director of Public Instruction is to assist Chief Executive Officer and manage implementations of all schemes.

education policy under beti bachao beti padhao

There are various Education policies under beti bachao beti padhao (BBBP) –

Develop Balikamanches and encourages girls to come and participate. These kind of platforms helps girl child to show their talent, to become what they want to become, to do what they want to do. In shorts, these platforms provide them freedom.

Under this schemes, construct girls toilet in every school and teach them personal hygiene & cleanliness.

Built School Management Committee (SMC) in every school in purpose of more admission of girl child.

Run the Campaign and enroll again girls who already drop out of their education at an early age. And also teach them some other job-oriented skills, so that they can earn part-time income side by side.

Construct fully functional girls hostel approx. 500.

Make a school girl child friendly and treat them equally.

There are various schemes under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) –

  • Sukanya Samridhi Yojana
  • Kanyashree Prakalpa Yojana
  • Ladli Scheme
  • Balika Samridhi Yojana
  • Ladli Laxmi Yojana

The above are some schemes or yojana under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (BBBP) Scheme, these schemes help girl child to educate and live life peacefully. Some of the yojanas also cover or help girl children with their financial needs.

For more details, You can visit official website by Click here


So in this article, we answer some FAQ related to Education discipline or subject. I hope this article will be beneficial for you to clear your doubt.

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