World Sleep Day 2021

World Sleep Day 2021

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World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day 2021
World Sleep Day 2021

In this Article we are going to discuss about World Sleep Day 2021 which is celebrated on Friday 19 march, 2021. We focus on the Theme, Historical Background, Importance, Sleep disorder caused by lack of sleep and the significance.

What is World Sleep Day 2021?

World Sleep Day is a event which is celebrated every year to aware people about the importance of Sleep. This year World Sleep Day will be celebrated on 19, March 2021. The amazing fact is that World Sleep Day, always celebrated on same day Friday just before the northern hemisphere vernal equinox. 
This is an annual global awareness event celebrated every year in the month of march.

What are the theme of World Sleep Day 2021?

The theme of 2021 World Sleep Day is “Regular Sleep, Healthy Future”.

This theme directly reflect the role of Sleep in our health.

What are the Historical background of World Sleep Day?

World Sleep Day event was introduced by World Sleep Society (WSS) in 2008 to spread awareness about the sleep importance, disorders associated with lack of sleep, proper medication for the treatment of sleep disorders.

The World Sleep Society is founded by World Sleep Federation (WSF) and World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM).

World Sleep Society brings Doctors, Researchers and Health professionals together on World Sleep Day to spread awareness regarding importance of Sleep.

Why we celebrate World Sleep Day?

Proper sleeping habit is important for body fitness and brain.
But due to some reason, most of the people are affected by lack of sleep and are suffering from sleep disorders.
When a Person is unable to sleep properly, it is said to be sleep disorders. Sleep disorders are increasingly day by day due to many reasons like stress, bad lifestyle, more intake of unhealthy food.
So to aware the people about the importance of sleep in life, we celebrate World Sleep Day.

What are the Main Objective of World Sleep Day?

The main objective of World Sleep Day is to spread awareness about Sleep and their related aspects like importance of sleep, sleep related disorders or issues and how to cure them naturally.

What is Sleep disorders?

Sleep disorders are the group of signs or conditions that affect our Sleep.
The main reason of Sleep disorder are bad health, too much stress & anxiety, highly intake of fast food, bad sleep timing.

Types of Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are of various types:

1. Parasomnias – It is a condition where a person or patient do some abnormal movement in sleep like walking in sleep, groaning etc.

2. Insomnia – Unable to sleep and this condition caused by anxiety, digestive problems etc.

3. Narcolepsy – The person feels sleep attacks due too much tiredness and less sleep intake.

4. Sleep Apnea – This condition is caused by small pauses in breaths during sleep.

There are various diseases associated with sleep and caused by lack of sleep like Cardiovascular disease, stroke, Hallucinations, Mood disorder, Loneliness, Arrhythmias, Hypertension, Neurodegenerative diseases or many more. So, adequate amount of sleep is necessary for good health.

What are the importance of Sleep?

Sleep not only refresh our body, but also improve our body health by rebuild and repair our body tissues and cells.

Sometimes, lack of sleep or less sleep leads to consistent negative thoughts, sadness or lack of enthuasiasm. That’s why sleep is necessary to keep our soul alive and keep us emotional well-being.

Regular sleep improve our memory ability and help us to learn and retain things faster.

Sleep has a vital role in regulation of weight. It regulate our metabolism by hormonal regulation. For example, we analyse two scenarios:
Less sleep affects our brain hypothalamus part, which results in temptation towards eating of fast foods.
Regular sleep leads to hormonal balance which further control our temptation towards unhygienic fast foods.

Enough amount of sleep is necessary for good productivity at work. A well-rested mind learns things faster as compared to others things. 

Sleep enhance focus, decision making ability. And when a person have a good sleep, there is a chances of error at work getting reduced.

There are a connection between heart and sleep. When we are awaken our heart blood vessels fluctuates. Sometimes increase blood pressure, which leads to various diseases like Atherosclerosis and stroke.
A good sleep tend to bring down blood pressure and keep the heart in resting state for a while.

How to acheive better Sleep?

1. You need to fix your Sleep and Wake up time to acheive sleep.

2. Do exercise regularly but not before the bedtime.

3. Stop taking any kind of caffeine just before 6 hours of bedtime.

4. Stop taking Alcohol or avoid intake of alcohol just before the 4 hours of bed time.

5. Do not eat Spicy foods, Heavy foods, Sugar based food just before the 4 hour of bed time.

6. Eat light snack or fruits like kiwi just before the 2 hours of bed time. it improve the sleep.

7. Fix the room temperature according to your need or suitablility. And open the room shaft or window for the passage of air, so that the room will be ventilated.

8. Stop or OFF all the sounds or disturbing noise to acheive peacefull Sleep.

9. Close all the lights for better Sleep.

10. Avoid sleeping on Sofa, Couch or Chair. It affects our body posture. So, always sleep on the bed to get comfortable sleep.

11. Do not Smoke just before 4 hours of sleep. Because when a person smoke, the nicotene presents in it affects our Sleep wake up cycle and Cause insomnia.

How many hour of Sleep is necessary for good health?

The exact hour of sleep is vary from person to person.

An average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily to stay fit and healthy.

Children, teens require 9 to 10 hours of sleep daily.

What is the significance of World Sleep Day 2021?

World Sleep Day help us to remind the importance of sleep in our daily routine. There are various programs organise on World Sleep Day to discuss about the importance, issues associated with sleep. Many doctors organise small camp on World Sleep Day to explain about correct sleep positions, sleep timing, healthy food habits that improve sleep.

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