National Science Day 2021

National Science Day 2021 – Check information like Theme, History, What is Raman Effect!

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National Science Day 2021

National Science Day 2021

National Science Day 2021: Hi Welcome, Today is a very special day in the field of Science. One of the great Scientists or Physicist Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (C.V. Raman) received a Nobel prize in 1930 for the discovery of the Raman Effect (or Raman Scattering or Rayleigh Scattering).

Every year 28 February celebrated as National Science Day for the invention or discovery of the Raman Effect or Raman scattering by Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (C.V. Raman).


The theme of year 2021 National Science Day is Future of STI: Impact on Education Skills and Work.

STI stands for Science, Technology, and Innovation.

This year’s (2021) theme reflects or interpret the importance of Science, Technology, and Innovation in the field of Education and Work area.

As we already see the importance of Technology and Innovation in the year 2020, When the whole world was doing Work from Home and the other side students engaged in various e-learning studies/ activities to continue their studies from home.

Year Theme
2018 “Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future”
2019 “Science for the People, and the People for Science”
2020 “Women in Science”
2021 “Future of STI: Impact on Education Skills and Work”

Firstly the National Science Day was celebrated on 28 February 1987.


On the occasion of National Science Day 2021, Various colleges, school, Institution or other eminent Science centres organize different programs like cultural event, Quiz competition, Science exhibition, Science Workshop/ Seminars etc.

Some eminent personalities come as a guest and deliver a small lecture. The lecture will be delivered on the topic of ‘Science and its progress in India’ at 10 am on 1 march 2021.

The invited guests are –

The former director or former head of BARC/ or IAEA – Meera Venkatesh came and given a small talk on Acheivements of India in the field of Science and Innovation (or Science and its Progress in India) on National Science Day 2021.

There is also a small contest organize for students where there are different Prizes will be distribute to the winners –

Ist prize – Rs. 20,000

2nd prize – Rs. 15,000

3rd Prize – Rs. 10,000 and

Rs. 2000 distributed to the rest of the students.

National Science Day 2021

Historical Background

NCSTC (National Council for Science and Technology Communication) talks with the Government of India and assign 28 February as the National Science Day in 1986 in the discovery of the Raman Effect  or Raman scattering or Rayleigh scattering by C.V. Raman.

About C.V. Raman

1888 – 1970

He was born in Tiruchirapalli, Madras (Tamil Nadu, India).

He was an Indian Physicist and the full name of Prof. C.V. Raman is Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman.

The first research paper of Prof. C.V. Raman was published in 1906 on the  ‘Diffraction of Light’.

Indian Journal of Physics was founded by him in 1923.

Prof. C.V. Raman received various reputed awards or prizes like Nobel Prize in the field of Physics in 1930 for the discovery of the Raman Effect or Raman scattering.

He was honored with many eminent awards mention below-

Matteucci Medal (1928)

Royal Society (1924)

Knight Bachelor (1930)

Hughes Medal (1930)

Nobel Prize in Physics (1930)

Bharat Ratna (1954)

Lenin Peace Prize (1957)

What is Raman Effect ?

It is an elastic scattering process, where light particles are scattered due to changes in wavelength. In this process, the molecules gained vibrational energy and shifted from one energy level to another energy level.

Also known as Raman Scattering.

Firstly it was predicted by Adolf Smekal in the 19th century.

In 1930, C.V. Raman achieved a Nobel prize for Raman Effect discovery.


So, finally in this article, we talked about National Science Day 2021, which is celebrated every year on 28 February. We also discussed some relevant information like Background or history, About Prof. C.V. Raman, Themes, Raman effect.

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