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14 Tips to Crack any Interview

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Interview Tips

 In this article or post I am going to tell you about some golden tips to crack any interview, so if you are planning your interview, then this article will definitely help you to face any interview.


interview tips
Tips to Crack any Interview


1. Always Search the dress code of the company when planning to attend an interview. If you are going to attend the interview for the post of accountant, then wear formal clothes but if you are going to attend the interview for some creative posts like the artist, etc then wear simple clothes.


2. Make your CV more attractive and informative. Generally, a CV is composed of some components like Objectives, Educational qualifications, Skills, Experience (in case of freshers, this section is empty), Personal information like hobbies, etc., and lists of workshops /seminars you attended.


You can also use some CV formats to make your CV attractive. There are many websites which will help you in building a good CV.


3. Drink few sips of water/juice just before the interview, it will provide oxygen and freshen the mind.


4. Search about the company or the organization for which you are planning to attend the interview.


5. Speak confidently while facing the interview and don’t be hesitate. Remember, the first impression is the last.


6. Prepare the introduction speech for the interview and practice again and again.


Introduction Speech Format– My self is (Mention Your Name). I live in (Place where you live). I have done or completed my graduation from (University or Institute Name) in (Write Year). I am quite good at (Write Your Skills). I have experience of (No. of Years) in (Field Name) or I am fresher in this field (in case of fresher). In my family, there is (No. of members). I am fond of (Your Favourite Hobby). 


Introduction Speech Example– My self is Rohan. I live in Vijayvadha, Mumbai. I have done my graduation Delhi University in 2014. I am quite good at Excel. I have experience of 2 years in Accounts. In my family, there are eight members including me. I am fond of books, watching English movies and playing cricket.


7. Read your CV or Biodata before the interview to speak flawlessly and try to practice your interview in front of your friends. By doing this you can easily find your mistakes and correct them before the real interview.


8. Ask a question to the interviewer if you have any doubt about the job position or the company.


9. Don’t eat heavily before the interview. If you feel hungry then eat some fresh fruits. It will soothe the mind. It is also scientifically proved that eating raw fruits is more beneficial for health as compared to eating processed foods.


10. Always make eye contact with the interviewer and answers the questions honestly but too much honesty is harmful so answer the questions accordingly don’t be overrated.


11. When talking about educational qualifications, then try to explain every detail like what subjects you studied during your degree course/program and what skills you learned, etc. These details help the interviewer to find talent in you.


12. When we talk about experience try to specify the fields and responsibilities you handled in the previous company.


13. Don’t do jokes or over-smart with the interview, it will increase the chances of rejection in the interview. So, try to be professional.


14. When facing an interview, try to speak in English. It will create a good impact on the interviewer many MNC (Multinational Companies) prefers a candidate with fluency in English.

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 I hope this article will be helpful for you.


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