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How to Start UPSC Preparation from Zero Level ?

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 How to start UPSC Preparation from zero level ?

Today in this article, We are gonna discussing about How To Start UPSC Preparation ?

To prepare for UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam is not an easy task. It need lots of hard work, patience and consistency. 

Mostly students of india have dream to become IAS, IFS OR IES etc officer .But the journey is not so easy.

As because they have to go through a long way process to become IAS / IPS / IRS / IES. UPSC is the organization who conduct exams for IAS / IPS / IRS / IES.

 There is a long stage process to become officer. It is divided in some stages. But before everything there is stage of introspection where you have to analyze yourself about “Why you want to become IAS or IPS or IRS ?”

Try to find the reason that spark your willpower to become IAS / IPS.

 “Never give up on your dreams, try to achieve it in any cost.”

how to start upsc preparation from zero level
how to start upsc preparation from zero level

How Should I Start Preparation for UPSC CSE ?

There are different phases and in each phase you have to prove yourself –

 First phase – In this phase you have to download detailed syllabus and take print out of it. Try to make a habit of reading newspaper daily. There are some good newspaper which prescribed by toppers like The Hindu, The Indian express etc.


Second phase – In this phase you have to search booklist which is extremely preferred for the preparation of UPSC exam. Before reading subject books, you need to read basic books like NCERT to make your base strong.


Third phase – Here, you have to prepare well-versed strategy for your studies and learn to manage your day-to-day activity. It takes time so, make your strategy patiently and if you need anyone help then don’t be hesitate to ask about help.


Fourth phase – Here, you have to start studying according to syllabus. You have to make your daily time-table and need to stick to it.


Fifth phase – This phase also called ‘exam phase’, where exam conducted in 3 rounds –

Preliminary round, Mains round and Interview round.


Preliminary round – Preliminary exam is all about objective type question. You have to choose one correct option out of four. Solve previous year papers to know the topic-wise importance.


Mains round – In this exam, you have to choose one optional subject as for answer writing. Mostly students choose their graduation subject as an optional in UPSC. The mains exam round is difficult as compared to preliminary round and they are of more weightage.


Interview round – This round is all about your personality and Communication skill. The interviewers just want to know that “What kind of person you are ?” The interviewers ask questions about your subjects, hobbies, your goals. You need to response honestly.

You can answer in any language but if you are good in English then try to use English language as possible as you can. You can also take some English spoken classes before the interview round to improve your English speaking skill.


There are various coaching centres in india where they prepare students for UPSC exam. Many toppers who topped in UPSC by doing self-study. The UPSC journey is not easy but not impossible,But  if you plan well and study consistently then you will definitely achieve your goal. How To Start UPSC Preparation ?


Books required for UPSC



M. Laxmikant

Read 6th to 10th class NCERT Polity (if your basics are weak, otherwise skip it)

Read 9th to 12th class NCERT polity (Must Read)



Read 6th to 10th class NCERT History

Read 11th class History NCERT – Ancient and Medieval history

Read 12th class History NCERT – Modern Indian history

Bipin Chandra Book (India’s Struggle for Independence)




Read 6th to 10th class NCERT Geography of Old Syllabus

Read 11th to 12th class NCERT Geography of New Syllabus

Certificate Physical and Human Geography by Goh Cheng Leong

Majid Husain – Geography of India

Oxford Atlas for India


Art and Culture

Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Sighania

Read 11th and 12th class NCERT Art & Culture books



Read 11th class NCERT Economics book

Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

The Economics Times


Science & Technology

Read 6th to 10th class NCERT Science (Must Read)

Lucent General Science

Current Affairs


International Relations

Read 12th class NCERT – Contemporary World Politics

Indian Express



Read Last 4 chapters of 12th class NCERT Biology.

Environmental Science by Shankar IAS


Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude

Lexicon for ethics integrity and aptitude by Niraj Kumar

Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude by G Subba Rao & P.N Roy Chowdhury


CSAT Exam Books

Basic Mathematics upto 10th class

RS Aggarwal – Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning

Tata McGraw Hill CSAT Manual

 Important Newspapers

The Hindu

The Indian Express

The Economics Times

Nav Bharat Times

Business Standard

Important Magazines



Science Reporter

Down To Earth



So finally we discussed about How To Start UPSC Preparation ?

I hope this article will be beneficial for you in the preparation of Exam.

Feel free to contact us.


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