How To Improve English Speaking ?

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How To Improve English Speaking ?

 How To Improve English Speaking ? In this article, we are discussing about steps you can take to improve your English speaking. Today english recognised as international language in the world. When you looking around yourself you will see that english is mandatory language in many fields.

Even when you go for interview in any multinational company, english is compulsory language there. To become a good english speaker have everyone dream. But speak in english is difficult task for some peoples. 

how to improve english speaking
English Speaking


Here, we are discussing some tips which improve your spoken English and help you to become a fluent in english.


1. Read English Newspaper daily

Newspaper reading actually is a good habit. So, wake up early in the morning and start your day with reading newspaper and  try to make habit to read it daily. It will not only improve your english but also improve your IQ level. 

When you attend any interview and the interviewer ask you any question and you answer in English, then it will increase your chances of selection in the interview.


2. Read Magazine/Novel

Magazines or novels have some catchy sentences. By reading magazines or novels you learn the way or tone of speaking.

These magazines also help you to learn about new tradition, new stories, latest things which launched in the market.

There are various famous novels like “The girl in room 105” by ChetanBhagat, “You are Unique” by APJ Abdul Kalam, “One day life will change” by Saranya Umakanthan, “Believe in Yourself” by Dr Joseph Murphy, “The Power of Positive thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale or many more.

These are some top level novels, which not only help you to improve your English, but also teach you some life lessons.


3. Learn five english words daily

This habit of learning five words daily make you smart and help you to know new word everyday. It develop your own vocabulary.

By using new words daily, you can impress your clients, make effective presentations, impress your boss, also make good impact in the interview.

You can also keep one small pocket size dictionary book with you and 5 to 10 minutes daily to learn new words or you can use any dictionary app.


4. Talk in English

Try to speak in english with your friends, family members whether your english is good or not but just tried to speak.

This will help you to know about your mistake while speaking. if you have no friends, then you can record your English and listen that recording again and again to understand the mistakes or send that recordings to your teachers, so that  they listen and tell you the mistakes.

You just need to improve your English by correcting your mistakes. This kind of practicing help you  to learn English faster.


5. Watch english movies

When we seeing the things, we learn faster. This will help you to understand english fastly. When you watch english movies, just try to understand what they speak in movies. You can watch movies with subtitles.


6. Listen English songs

When you listen english songs, just try to repeat that song in your mind because by repeating again and again your mind conceive the meaning of that sentence or word or you can use lyrics music apps to understand the language of songs.

Or you can also listen some podcast to learn English. Google Podcasts, HubhopperStorytel are some best podcast apps, also available on playstores.


 7. Practice english writing

Before start practicing English writing, try to read some toppers articles to understand the “way of writing”.

Make a habit of writing one essay or one article daily in english that will help you to improve your English speaking and also helpful in improving you writing skill.


Apps and Websites that will help you to learn English faster – 

 1. Duolingo: Learn English Free

 If your English is very weak, then you can install this app in your phone. Duolingo app is available on playstore. With the help of this app, you canalso learn Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkey etc. and many more language.

Download App: Click Here



2. Udemy: Online Courses

 Udemy app also available on playstore. You can easily download and install to learn English in less time. This app has 130,000+ video courses, you can access English speaking course and learn English easily.

This app also provide certificates after the completion of course.

Download App: Click Here




3. Cursa: Free Courses with Certificate

 Cursais a best for learn English. The best thing about this app is that, they also provide certificate after the completion of course.

You can add that certificate in your CV to enhance your chances of selection in the interview.

Download App: Click Here



4. Google Translate

GoogleTranslate is a dictionary app, you can use this to built your  own vocabulary. When you read English newspaper and you find any difficult word, then you can use this app to know the meaning of that difficult word.

Download App: Click Here




5. Merriam-Webster

 Merriam-Webster, is also a dictionary app and also available on playstore. You can download easily and use it  to know the meaning of difficult English word.

Download App: Click Here



6. BBC Learning English

 You can also use BBC Learning English app to improve your grammer, pronunciation, latest phrases by reading new stories daily.

Download App: Click Here



7. Grammarly 

 If your English grammer is very weak, then this app is specially recommended for you. Grammarly app is basically build for improving grammar. You can also use this app to check your grammar in your article or essay.

Download App: Click Here



8. Talk English 

 This is a best website to improve your English speaking. Talk English app has many way to learn English like English speaking lesson, videos, or by reading stories in English.

You just need to spent 30 minutes daily on this website and learn English day by day.

Download App: Click Here



9. Hello English: Learn English

Download App: Click Here

 This is also one of the best app to learn English. Hello English app, also have 475 interactive lessons to  improve conversational English, vocabulary, grammar topics. This app also works without internet (offline).

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