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High Salary Jobs in India

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High Salary Jobs in India

High Salary Jobs: In this article, We are going to discuss some very reputed high salaried jobs where you can earn more. Not only in earning, but these jobs have very good reputation in the society. But, it is also true that Opportunities come with responsibility. So, these jobs need a candidate, who understand their responsibility completely, who is more passionate about their work, who can take decision on the spot according to the situation/ No matters whatever the situation is. You have to do course before getting these kind of jobs with good academic records.

Students are of two types – One, who choose their career with their parents advice and on the other hand, students who choose their career according to their passion/interest. Both are corrects, Everyone have their own choices and we can’t deny it. But whatever career you choose always try to make yourself in that field. If you have any doubt about the career you choose, you can take help from career councellors, or career guide, they help you in choosing your career option/ courses. So, below, I am mentioning some high salaried or earning jobs or courses, after doing that you can earn more money.

Doctor – High Salary Jobs

high salary jobs in india
To become a doctor is a challenging task because you need to study more. You have to spent next 4 to 6 years in deep study. There are many reputed colleges where you have to pay fees in lakhs. If we talk about eligibility to become a doctor is “Intermediate or 12th standard with Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) and the candidate should have scored at least 50% marks”. Some reputed government universities/institutions demands higher percentage in intermediate level. After intermediate or 12th, you have to clear entrance examination to get entry in MBBS programme to become a doctor. There are many fields like Neurologist, Nephrologist, Pediatrician, Cardiologist, Dentist, Orthopedic, Dermatologist, Veterinarian, Gynaecologist etc. You can become specialist in any of this. You can also open your own clinic and help patients. This is one of the highly reputed job in the society. Everyone respect doctors. So, in this profession, you can earn more and help people by consulting/or treating them. A newly doctor can earn Rs. 5 – 6 lakhs per annum but a experienced doctor can earn up to Rs. 20 lakh per annum.

Scientist – High Salary Jobs

high salary jobs in india

This is one of the coolest job, if you like to discover new things everyday. There are various different fields in research scientists like you can become scientist in field of Biology, Physics, Chemistry or you can become scientist in Data science. If you are highly innovative to inventing new ideas, then this job is for you. The Qualification to become a research scientist is – “Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Phd degree” along with experience in relavent field. Many students who does not afford higher studies, they do job as a Research assistant under some scientist to get some experience. There are some fellowships, you can get during Phd, But for this you have to clear fellowship entrance exams like CSIR NET JRF, GATE, ICMR NET, ICAR NET. These all are some fellowships, where you get money for your studies. The salary you can earn, range from 25,000 to 40,000 per month for freshers, but if you have 2 to 3 years experience, then you can earn 80,000 – 1,50,000 per month.

Artist – High Salary Jobs

high salary jobs in india

You can say that artist is a person, who express their feelings or thoughts/expressions by means of drawing/paintings. This job requires no mandatory qualification, you just need to be expertise in drawings/or paintings. This is kind of freelance job, where you can draw and show them in art gallaries, where if someone like your painting, they purchase it. Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, M.F. Hussain are some famous artists known for his art work. M.F.Hussain was a famous Indian artist, his each painting sold in crores. So, you can see that, “How much you can earn as an artist”. There are some companies who hires artists to promote their products or company. There is no limit of earning in this field, you can earn as much as you can.

Chef – High Salary Jobs

high salary jobs in india
This is the super cool job. Every one like to eat tasty food in any cost. Many businessman or busy peoples where both wife and husband do a job, not have enough time to cook food, so they hire chef, and they pay handsome amount for their food. There are various famous Hotel management institute like IHM Pusa Delhi, where you can learn to cook highly delicious foods. After completing course, you can also do job in reputed hotel, to gain some experience earn enough money. The starting salary of chef in india is 5 – 7 lakh per year. I think this is good enough for those who recently graduates as a chef.

Teacher – High Salary Jobs

high salary jobs in india
This is very professional job to work as a teacher. One of the best advantage of this job is, you can earn by learning. It is one of the top respectful job in the world. Now a days, you can also teach online, you don’t need to go anywhere for teahing. you just need a laptop or PC with good network connection. If we talk about earning, then there is no limit in this field. There are various fields like English, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Science, Psychology etc. are some demanded subjects for teaching. if you don’t have professional qualification but you have good knowledge of subjects, then you can earn by working as a tutor.

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